The House has Eyes, or, how Objects Haunt our Present

Human beings cannot bear the thought of no longer being the center of the universe; Martin Heidegger’s ontology validates the construction of a world that subjugates non-human objects to a role which reinforces our own position. In this paper, two personal experiences of objects which contradict traditional construals of “subjectivity” will be explored and analyzed in light of contemporary uncertainty around Heidegger’s ontology. Ultimately, I seek to complexify and show the radical dependence humans have on the constructed—or, “second”—subjectivity of objects and how we use them to validate the world as we wish it to be seen.

Subversive Knowledge & the Negation of the City, or, the Awakening of the Critical-Manipulator

The cities of the American Midwest were once model capitalist cities, yet today these cities—now known as the “rust belt,”—bear no resemblance to the models they once were. In this paper I shall argue that this end was part of a teleological drive within capitalism which pushes the city towards utopia, but also towards its own destruction. These post-capital cities now contain an immanent possibility for critical resistance which can go beyond capitalism towards new social forms. This possibility arises due to the arousal of an innate drive towards survival which awakens a class of Critical-Manipulators who negate the city with the direct application of a subversive knowledge.